The castle is building now

Customer can navigate through well-composed categorized product tree

Branched system of products categorization

The online-store allows to buy clothes, shoes and accessories from best Ukrainian and world brands.

Stay in touch with world men classic fashion

Follow the style guide

Clients can find all new fashion tendencies, learn about style by style guide and get to know new facts and stories about men classic fashion using blog part at the website

Stay protected with secure deal system

Secured deal

Both business and customers are protected by the secured deal system provided by UaPay payment gateway. That allows to buy online and be sure that we care about the security of transaction using Visa and MasterCard.

Style matters

Styles has significant importance for everyone, so we prepared harmonic and clean user experience for marketplace visitors.

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What we do


Pad Stylist marketplace for interior designer


uTime – to travel, to experience, to discover

Zillya Internet Security for Android

Zillya Internet Security for Android

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